• USB Charger-AC/DC Converter(Wall Plug Charging)-10W Series Type
  • USB Charger,AC/DC Converter(Wall Plug Charging),Usb Electrical Outlet
  • GME is a professional manufacturing of usb electrical outlet are in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 International Quality Management System.
Meet Rohs Cec
Universal Input 100-240 VAC
Modified and Custom Design Available
Output with Low Ripple Noise
1Year Warranty
Dielectric 3000VAC
Burn-In Test 100% Full Load
Leakage Current 0.25mA@2 pin
Efficiency Meet CEC
MTBF 50000 Hours


AC Input
Voltage Range 90-264 VAC
Input Frequency 47-63Hz
Input Current 200mA max
Inpush Current 30A max
Efficiency 65% min
DC Output
Voltage Range 3.0V-24V
Current Range 0.01A-1.2A
Inpush Current +1% Voltage Max
Case Dimension (L*W*H mm) C:59*28*41.5
Safety Approval
Model No. Output Volt Output Ampere
Model No.G101x-241045Z-1 Output Volt24.1V - 24.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.45A
Model No.G101x-240050Z-1 Output Volt0V - 24V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.5A
Model No.G101x-230050Z-1 Output Volt23V - 23.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.5A
Model No.G101x-220050Z-1 Output Volt22V - 22.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.5A
Model No.G101x-210050Z-1 Output Volt21V - 21.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.5A
Model No.G101x-200055Z-1 Output Volt20V - 20.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.55A
Model No.G101x-190060Z-1 Output Volt19V - 19.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.6A
Model No.G101x-180060Z-1 Output Volt18V - 18.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.6A
Model No.G101x-161070Z-1 Output Volt16.1V - 16.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.7A
Model No.G101x-160075Z-1 Output Volt0V - 16V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.75A
Model No.G101x-151075Z-1 Output Volt15.1V - 15.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.75A
Model No.G101x-150080Z-1 Output Volt0V - 15V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.8A
Model No.G101x-141080Z-1 Output Volt14.1V - 14.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.8A
Model No.G101x-140085Z-1 Output Volt0V - 14V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.85A
Model No.G101x-134085Z-1 Output Volt13.4V - 13.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.85A
Model No.G101x-130090Z-1 Output Volt13V - 13.3V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.9A
Model No.G101x-126090Z-1 Output Volt12.6V - 12.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.9A
Model No.G101x-121095Z-1 Output Volt12.1V - 12.5V Output Ampere0.01A - 0.95A
Model No.G101x-120100Z-1 Output Volt0V - 12V Output Ampere0.01A - 1A
Model No.G101x-110110Z-1 Output Volt11V - 11.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 1A
Model No.G101x-101110Z-1 Output Volt10.1V - 10.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.1A
Model No.G101x-100120Z-1 Output Volt0V - 10V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.2A
Model No.G101x-095120Z-1 Output Volt9.5V - 9.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.2A
Model No.G101x-091125Z-1 Output Volt9.1V - 9.4V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.25A
Model No.G101x-090130Z-1 Output Volt0V - 9V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.3A
Model No.G101x-080130Z-1 Output Volt8V - 8.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.3A
Model No.G101x-076130Z-1 Output Volt7.6V - 7.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.3A
Model No.G101x-070160Z-1 Output Volt7.1V - 7.5V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.35A
Model No.G101x-066185Z-1 Output Volt6.6V - 7V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.4A
Model No.G101x-064185Z-1 Output Volt6.2V - 6.5V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.5A
Model No.G101x-061195Z-1 Output Volt5.6V - 6.1V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.7A
Model No.G101x-060200Z-1 Output Volt5.2V - 5.5V Output Ampere0.01A - 1.8A
Model No.G101x-050200Z-1 Output Volt5V - 5.1V Output Ampere0.01A - 2A
Model No.G101x-040200Z-1 Output Volt4V - 4.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 2A
Model No.G101x-030200Z-1 Output Volt3V - 3.9V Output Ampere0.01A - 2A
  • Application
  • AC to DC Converter
dot 5 voltage ouput, you can select different ampt. Form 1.0A-5.0A.
dot Meet relative safety request, energy label programs.
dot Universal Input : 100 – 240V
dot With over current protection mechanism to ensure the safety of switching power supply & charge during work.
dot Small volume and easy to carry, high energy conversion efficiency, long-term use is not easy fever.
dot Usage : 5V USB charge for cell phone, Tablet PC, iPAD, MP3, Bluetooth headsets, Bluetooth stereo and relative to other information electric production.
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